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“I want to bring awareness for women in this industry and I also want to use my skills for non profits and companies with social impact”


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"My childhood dream of becoming a Developer was fulfilled by doing a course at DCI. Today I am backend developer at Blinkist and I couldn't be happier."


"I didn't think it would be so easy to begin a career as a Web Developer and with some hard work that’s what I’m doing.”


“I’m so pleased to be starting my career as a Full-Stack Developer after only 12 months of learning at DCI.”


"This is exactly what I was looking for!"


"The course at DCI was so immersive and detailed and I learned everything I needed to kick off my career in Web Development."


"If I have an idea in mind, for example for a website or an app, I can just make it happen. DCI gave me the freedom to translate my ideas into something real."


"DCI gave me the essential skills and the mindset to succeed and initiate my career in Web Development."


"I want to say thank you to all the people that I met during my time at the DCI. It was a very inspiring period in my life and I already used some knowledge from my Online Marketing course during my work. "


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